A Catalyst for Supply Chain Profitability

What We Do

Think - Moneyball for Logistics.  Using analytics, you will see stronger financial performance as a result of eliminating unproductive activities and avoidance of costly mistakes.  You will become more profitable. The tools we develop become the foundation for your path to ongoing continuous productivity improvements and stronger financial returns.

Links Consulting offers supply chain management consulting services, specializing in services for carriers and logistics providers. If you have supply chain pain, operationally, or with compliance, I can help.  I provide guidance and programs to improve operations and safety in your organization. My value proposition to customers is -

  • Improving operational efficiency;
  • Identifying and reducing hidden costs in your daily processes using Continuous Improvement Techniques;

I use the tools of qualitative and quantitative analysis to identify opportunities for improvement to-

  • Safety programs, including driver management programs, CVOR improvement, Occupational Health & Safety in the federal workplace (Canada Labour Code), WSIB claims and classification audits, accident investigations;
  • Compliance Programs, including Hours of Service, Pre-trip inspection, Defensive driving, Accident scene management;
  • Carrier insurance improvement programs;
  • HR solutions, including onboarding, orientation, company policy, termination, and wrongful dismissal and critical event response programs (managing the media, social media and your corporate response internally and externally in the event of a critical event);
  • Freight Claims management;
  • Customs, export compliance (ITAR, EAR and Controlled Goods), trade security (C-TPAT, PIP, Air Cargo Security);

I provide services to establish

  • Licensing and operating authorities for most modes of transport (MTO, FMCSA & DOT, Federal Maritime Commission);

Please take a moment to look through my site. I will discuss how I can help you with your supply-chain pain points.  It is much easier to save a dollar then earn a dollar; so figuring out how you can keep a bigger piece of the pie makes sense. And it gains you a competitive advantage.  Identify and eliminate inefficiencies and nonconforming activities and drive improved profitability as a result. Make improvements in safety, operations, and compliance and drive improved profitability as a result. See the improvements in Key Performance Indicators. Deliver and report the improved performance in KPIs to the management team and ownership.   See long term success and the development of a culture of safety and efficiency.

Continuous Improvement in the Supply Chain


cycleWe will use the tools of analysis to improve profitability.

We will use quantitative and qualitative analytical management techniques to identify improvement opportunities,

We will build customer and employee satisfaction, driving up your corporate brand's market value.

We will increase employee engagement and reduce employee turn over.

We will drive operational, safety and regulatory improvements

                                                  The result:   Your brand excels, your margins increase.

How we do it

Applying concepts such as gap analysis and root cause analysis, we identify opportunities to improve your performance.  We identify benchmarks, establish goals and design Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that track performance and financial returns. A focus on active monitoring and auditing of processes with a continuous improvement mindset generates ongoing enhancements to operational, safety and human resource activities. The end result is a competitive advantage and increased profitability. 

KPIs that aren’t focused on the key factors of your company are just graphs. Effective KPIs identify opportunities and are used to drive improvements. 

Our results are more efficient operations, better financial returns, and higher employee and customer satisfaction. We build solid, profitable, best practice supply chain relationships, link by link. We build brand awareness and reputational capital.



Our solutions are well respected and recognised in the industry.

  • Complete safety programs, including CVOR management, driver files, equipment maintenance programs, employee onboarding, training and development, accident response protocols, accident investigation, crisis response plan development, operating authorities, driver meetings, incentive programs, customs compliance, C-TPAT / PIP, TDG, occupational health and safety, WSIB claims management. 
  • Insurance audits - we'll review your current practices, policies, and procedures, identify opportunities for improved compliance and performance. I will provide a written plan and support (if requested)  for improving the vital components the insurance industry uses to evaluate their risk, which is one of the primary drivers of your cost for insurance 
  • Operations management – route design, purchasing, RFP responses, logistics management, onboarding programs, HR management.
  • Interested in how together we can drive overall cost reductions, and improve employee morale? Click here




  • Lean principles applied to transportation and inventory.
  • Freight claims management.
  • RFP proposals for distribution/logistics network.
  • WSIB claims management.
  • Occupational health and safety policies and programs.
  • HazMat / TDG compliance.
  • Customs compliance.
  • Export compliance with ITAR and US export regulations.
  • Policy and procedure creation.
  • Materials handling, policy, and documentation.
  • Please take a moment to review our Supply Chain Member page for more details on this service



  • Carrier safety reviews.
  • Safety program delivery. 


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