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What Does Your Driver Management Program Look Like?

Infographics can be a great way to help you see, share and realise a vision.  Below is an infographic I use to discuss how to structure a driver management program. Each circle represents an element necessary to realise the best outcomes. Understanding how to develop these elements, implement them, and maintain them is key to the overall success of your driver program.  Give me a call to discuss how this approach can deliver improved financial and operational performance


For a great disc...

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Date: March 11th at 3:18pm

Offer of Employment pitfalls

A brief but interesting discussion on how an offer of employment can run afoul from a single clause. Well worth reading if you are responsible for crafting terms of employment. 

While this case refers to the Ontario Employment Standards Act, the underlying facts would be equally applicable in the federal jurisdiction. The crux of this case revolves around a single phrase and how that impacted the termination section of the agreement:

(the trial judge) found the Termination Clause to be void ...

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Date: March 11th at 2:36pm

Covid 19 Links and Information

Date: March 11th at 2:34pm

Changes to Ontario Fleet Size Adjustment Reporting

Fleet Size/Kilometres Travelled

If there is a change in fleet size or kilometres travelled, the operator must contact MTO Carrier Sanctions and Investigation Office to have a CVOR update application sent to them.

Note: Changes to fleet size and rate of travel are not automatically captured through the province's vehicle registration system (for example, licence-plate renewal, permit purchase or deletion).

– Source – MTO Commercial Vehicle Operators Safety Manual – as of 2021-02-19....

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Date: February 19th at 4:13pm

Quality Management

You Can't Manage What You Don't Monitor


“So let it be written; so let it be done”, and with those words the great Pharaoh commanded that a massive city temple be built to honour him– or so Cecile B De Mille would have us believe!



Jean Luc Picard would initiate an entire adventure to brave new worlds with the phrase “Make it so Number 1” – and the starship, and its crew, would follow his direction to the edges of the universe.

If Only it was that simple.

With over 170 million b...

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Date: December 21st at 9:53am