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Covid 19 Support

With the recent developments of the global pandemic,  many firms are going to presented with challenges to their organizations. Absenteeism resulting from parents needing to stay home, illness, or simply as a result of pre-emptive measures to protect your workplace are going to arise.  If your organization is faced with an inability to support appropriate policies and procedures, or day to day activities relating to safety, or operationalization of preventative measures,  please feel free to con...

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Date: March 17th at 10:06am

Spoliation In Transportation

Say Hello to "spoliation."

Spoliation is a legal term related to a failure to preserve and produce evidence in a trial. Spoliation rules differ in Canada vs the US on a fundamental element: in Canada, the spoliation must be intentional. In the US that doesn’t apply, and there-in lies the pitfall for many. Should a court rule that a party failed to preserve documents or other evidence which could have been relevant to the case, the party who failed to maintain that evidence will be found to h...

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Date: January 31st at 3:48pm

Offer of Employment pitfalls

A brief but interesting discussion on how an offer of employment can run afoul from a single clause. Well worth reading if you are responsible for crafting terms of employment. 

While this case refers to the Ontario Employment Standards Act, the underlying facts would be equally applicable in the federal jurisdiction. The crux of this case revolves around a single phrase and how that impacted the termination section of the agreement:

(the trial judge) found the Termination Clause to be void ...

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Date: January 22nd at 6:49am

Building a Major League Commercial Driver Management Program

Baseball and a Quality Commercial Driver Management Program - a lot in common


If you were about to build a baseball team and you wanted to compete to reach the top of the league, how would you go about it? Current major league practices include:

  • spend a significant amount of time and resources scouting players,
  • strong internal development programs,
  • make a team that the best players wanted to play for,
  • Use analytics in developing game plans,
  • Screen for physical condition and perso...
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Date: January 11th at 7:17pm

Managing Freight Claims - an Introduction

An Introduction to Claims, Packaging & Liability

In my many years in the industry, I think few areas have been less well understood by the supply chain partners I have interacted with than freight claims. Common misperceptions include: the carrier is liable for the full cost of the damage that may have been incurred regardless of the factors that contributed to the damage: the carrier is responsible for  full replacement cost even if the damages are repairable; the shipper can file for damages...

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Date: January 11th at 6:18pm