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This page provides a variety of resources ranging from Transportation & Supply Chain links, labour law references, Management and Leadership skills, Customs, Supply Chain Security (C-TPAT, PIP, Air Cargo Security, Cyber Fraud), freight claims and related items. Please feel free to download any resources posted. 


FMCSA Safety Planner    

Do you operate as a for-hire carrier in the US, or are you thinking about doing so? Looking to step up your compliance with the 49 CFR requirements? The FMCSA has provided a new compliance guide. With your DOT login, you can customize it to your operations.  Need help working with this, or want the assessment done, but you don't have time, give us a call, and we can help or even complete the assessment for you.


 C-TPAT Minimum Security Requirements for Highway Carriers - 2020 document is provided below. Use the file 2020 C-TPAT MSR working document.pdf  in Word format to highlight where you need to address program deficiencies.  O or optional means you don't NEED to incorporate. Enhanced means updates are needed, and Req'd, or R means this is a requirement for the new program.  Send me an email and I will send you a copy in Word for your internal audit - or call me and arrange a date for me to review your profile and provide updates for the new requirements. I have been working with C-TPAT since 2004, and have extensive experience with C-TPAT and PIP.   CTPAT Highway Carriers MSC 2019.pdf      

How to Register / Renew your registration as a HazMat Carrier with the FMCSA. Be aware that the MCS 150 may need to be updated if there are any material changes to the HM classes or states you operate in since your list MCS 150 filing. PHMSA Registration News Letter 2019.pdf

Federally Regulated?  Need somewhere to get answers on Occupational Health & Safety?  Try CCOHS: https://www.ccohs.ca/

Need something more? Try the IHSA - https://www.ihsa.ca/

Online training and resources on many areas of OHS and related fields you may need, including a wealth of free downloads

MTO Presentation on Reg 611 - Annual Vehicle Inspections.  


An Introductory article on freight claims in ocean transport.

Cargo Liability.pdf


Understanding cost structures for highway carriers