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Reputational Capital

“Turn enough miles, and eventually you will have a catastrophic accident,”  said my insurance professional during an annual fleet audit and renewal. In 2003 I was standing in my filing room shortly after 9 am when my dispatcher brought me the news no-one wants to hear. My driver, involved in a fatal, in Texas. 

pileupAre you ready?

Who is the face of your organization for the press?

What will you say to the press? To the family of your team member? To your staff? 

How will you control the message?

When the media comes calling, “No Comment” does not work in the internet age. It is an invitation to negative commentary, which once uttered cannot be walked back. Be Prepared. Get out in front and control the message.  Know who will do what and how you will assemble your team.

Every company should have a crisis response program that keeps you in control of a consistent, professional message. That communicates fully to your people, their families and keeps those who need to know in the know. Minimize or eliminate the innuendo and negative commentary that can crush the unprepared. Control your message. Protect yourself, your organisation and those involved.


Are you ready for the unstable employee, released from employment who returns to the workplace in person or via communications? One who uses the internet as a weapon to spread falsehoods and malicious reports? How will you respond? Plan now, so you can act when you need to. These situations are hard enough to deal with when you are prepared - unprepared they are a tsunami washing over your operations and reputation.

Ask me about our comprehensive crisis response program. Be prepared




Do you have your “Reputational Capital Account” built up?  Reputational Capital is a corporate asset that can be managed, accumulated and traded in trust, legitimisation of a position of power and social recognition*, a stronger willingness for the shareholders (public) to maintain belief in the organisation in times of crisis." When the crisis comes, you want a deep well of good reputational capital to help weather the storm. It’s your reputational savings account. 


Whether you are opening your business, expanding into new service areas, defending a wrongful dismissal, facing a WSIB or other regulatory agency audits, I can lead the way through the maze. My focus is to deliver improved operational and safety efficiencies to generate a strong balance sheet, and by doing so ensure your long term survival. After more than 3 decades in the industry, there are few challenges I have not faced and overcome. My active engagement in industry associations and large network of contacts provides a path to expertise that will guide your organisation to safe, productive profitable outcomes. Give me a call, or ask for an engagement review  Let me be your catalyst for profitability.

Catalyst: an agent that provokes or speeds significant change or action – Merriam Webster Dictionary