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Engagement Review.

Although not required, we recommend clients considering hiring a consultant begin by conducting an engagement review for services to be provided.  We recommend an engagement review for a variety of reasons. The engagement review allows us an opportunity to study the scope of the work to be undertaken. We can view your current condition at your facility, with your standards, policies, and procedures.  We can establish a budget for your project. Once this is complete, we will submit a detailed Engagement Letter which will identify specific goals you wish to realise, actions to be taken, what will be included and what will be excluded (if appropriate), timelines for the completion of the project, and a breakdown of anticipated costs.

Our engagement reviews include up to 8 hours of dedicated time for travel, discussions, analysis and report creation.  This will allow you to make a decision if this is the right course of action for your organisation. It also allows you the opportunity to meet with me in detail and understand fully what will be involved in the project. You will have milestones against which to measure our progress and success.

If you are interested in an engagement review, or would like to see a sample, use our contact us page: Contact Us

My primary service area is SW Ontario, extending as far Barrie to the North, and a line which can be drawn from Goderich, Sarnia & Tillbury to the West, and Niagara Falls, Port Colborne, Fort Erie to the South.  Under specific agreements I may undertake assignments outside of this service area, but depending on the location, additional travel expenses may be applicable. I will consider any request, so don't hesitate to send me an email request of you aren't sure if you are in the area. A lot of our work can be done remotely once we have conducted the initial assessment review.